Sessions are at Fundação Centro Cultural de Belém “Sala Almada Negreiros”
Praça do Império, 1449-003 Lisbon. Portugal
tel: (+351) 217 515 500 (ext. 2404)




Day 1 – 8th May

09.00 / 09.30        Participants registration

09.30 / 10.00        Opening session with:
Head of the Architectural Department DARQ and Director of the Research Centre LabART
Professor João Menezes de Sequeira
Representative of the Architectural Research in Europe Network Association ARENA
Professor Murray Fraser
Administrator of the Centro Cultural de Belém.
Professor Dalila Rodrigues
President of the Portuguese Board of Architects
Professor João Santa-Rita

Theme I 

Keynote speaker
10.00 / 11.00      Knowledge 
Professor Jonathan Michael Hill
Bartlett School of Architecture at University College of London UCL

11.00 / 11.30      Break (*)

Presentation sessions

11.30 / 11.55 – Material experimentation in Peter Zumthor’s creative process: Research design through material inquiry
Susana Ventura, PhD – CEAU-FAUP, Centro de Estudos de Arquitectura e Urbanismo da Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto

12.00 / 12.25 – Designing the urban: Reflections on the role of theory in the individual design process
Lucy Montague, PhD – Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment, School of Planning, University College London

12.30 / 12.55 – Research by Design – situating practice-based research as part of a tradition of knowledge production, exemplified through the works of le Corbusier.
Jørgen Hauberg, PhD – Head of Institute of Design and Communication at Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture

13.00 / 13.25 – For from design and through design and for design are all things
Marta Sequeira, PhD

13.30 / 13.50      Discussion

14.00 / 15.00      Break for Lunch (*)

Theme II

Keynote speaker
15.00 /16.00       Methods
Professor Richard Blythe
Dean of the School of Architecture and Design at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University RMIT

16.00 / 16.30      Break (*)

Presentation sessions

16.30 / 16.55 – Research by Design
Dieter Geissbühler, Professor, Responsible Focus Material Master in Architecture and Head of the Research Group Material Structure Energy in Architecture, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

17.00 / 17.25 – Reverse Design
Uli Matthias Herres, PhD candidate – Lucerne School of Applied Sciences and Arts and the ETH Zurich.

17.30 / 17.55 – Manipulations in the Abstract Space
Holger Schurk, PhD candidate – School of Architecture, Design and Civil Engineering, Zurich University of Applied Sciences

18.00 / 18.25 – Poiesis or Semiosis in Architectural Design Practice
Sven Verbruggen – PhD – Antwerp University and University of Ghent

18.30 / 19.00        Discussion

19.00                    Closing session


Day 2 – 9th May

Theme III

Keynote speaker
10.00 / 11.00        Communication and notation
Professor Sue-Anne Ware Faila
Landscape Architecture Program at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University RMIT

11.00 / 11.30      Break (*)

Presentation sessions

11.30-11.55 Considering the diagram as design research
Anthony Burke, Professor – School of Architecture, Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building, University of Technology, Sydney

12.00-12.25 The Project as a Key for Understanding, a Pretext for Action, a Synthesis of Knowledge
Marta Mateus Frazão, PhD Candidate – CHAIA – Centro de História da Arte e Investigação Artística, Évora University.

12.30-12.55 From the interpretation of the place to the Project: A proposal for the rupestrial complex of Vale do Tejo
Mário Monteiro Benjamim, PhD Candidate – CHAIA – Centro de História da Arte e Investigação Artística, Évora University

13.00-13.25 Outside the Category
Jacob Sebastian Bang, Assistant Professor of Design and Communication at Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture

14.00 / 15.00      Break for Lunch (*)

Theme IV

Keynote speaker

15.00 / 16.00       Evaluation and assessment
Professor Fredrik Nilsson
Head of Department of Architecture, Chalmers University of Technology

16.00 / 16.30      Break (*)

Presentation sessions

16.30 / 16.55 – ‘TransReal’ Topographies_Manifesting the ‘Unconscious’.
Diony Kypraiou, PhD candidate – Bartlett School of Architecture at University College of London UCL

17.00 / 17.25 – Competitions serve a larger purpose in architectural knowledge
Pedro Guilherme, PhD Candidate – CHAIA (Centre for Art History and Artistic Research), Universidade de Évora, Portugal

17.30 / 17.55 – Learning from Actor Network Theory – Bridging the gap between research in science and research by design
Simon Bradbury, PhD – School of Architecture Design and the Environment, Plymouth University

18.00 / 18.25 – The Experience of a Pioneer Research Program in Architecture in Évora
Sofia Salema, PhD – Head of Architecture Department at University of Évora

18.30 / 18.55      Discussion

19.00                  Closing session with the Scientific Committee
Professor Flora Samuel from School of Architecture / University of Sheffield
Professor João M. B. Menezes de Sequeira, Head of Architectural Department ECATI / Lusófona University
Professor Johan De Walsche from the Faculty of Design Sciences / University of Antwerp
Professor Johan Verbeke from Aarhus School of Architecture and from the Faculty of Architecture Sint-Lucas (unable to come)
Professor Murray Fraser Dean of Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment / UCL


 (*) Lunch and coffee breaks can be taken in any of the bar, restaurants of CCB (it’s not included in the fee).